About Me

Born and raised in Portland, Maine

The youngest of four, I grew up in a tight knit family. I always loved to make people laugh - the fourth child getting attention by any means necessary - whether it's being silly (thanks Mom) or sarcastic (thanks Dad). Seinfeld was it for me growing up (my brother and I taped almost every episode), and then the British Office blew my mind and inspired me to write comedy myself.

After graduating from college, I lived in Boston and Charlotte for a couple years before heading west to LA - first living underneath the Hollywood sign and now out in Santa Monica. Getting my Gladwell 10,000 hours in, I've been waking and writing six days a week since 2007.

I started doing copywriting work in 2014. I wrote a children’s book for my nieces and nephews in 2017 called B for Baby and donated all proceeds to support genetic researchers at Boston Children's Hospital.

Download my resume here.

Awards: Larry Brody's People's Pilot Competition semifinalist.  Creative World Awards quarterfinalist.


"Your Creative Push" Podcast Interview with Youngman Brown (April 1, 2016)

"Native Maine Writer Catches Big Break in Hollywood" (Bangor Daily News, March 11, 2015)