I love New York Post headlines. Here are a few of my favorites:


Here is my bio in New York Post headlines:

"Happy Phase"

Youngest of four has idyllic upbringing in close-knit Maine family.

"Rebel Without a Pause"

Youngster constantly pushes teachers' buttons throughout childhood.

"Hoop Screams"

After falling in love with basketball at an early age, high schooler loses back-to-back State Finals.

"Bo Doesn't Know"

Heavy-drinking college student miraculous graduates with high GPA but has no idea what he wants to do with life.

“The Reel World”

College grad convinces friend to move to Hollywood to become the next Farrelly brothers.

"Up Script's Creek Without a Paddle"

Young writer realizes Hollywood is much tougher to break into than he ever imagined.

“Dead Line”

After working on two sitcoms, TV Writer’s phone stops ringing.

"Writing the Ship"

TV Writer takes up copywriting to earn a living.